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Hypertext and beauty as narrative elements.

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Why WebSlides?

"I feel guilty as a web designer when I have to use PowerPoint and Keynote. So I made #WebSlides."

Avatar @jlantunez.

WebSlides is really easy

Each parent <section> in the #webslides element is an individual slide.

Code is clean, scalable, and well documented. It uses intuitive markup with popular naming conventions. There's no need to overuse classes or nesting. Based on SimpleSlides, by Jenn Schiffer :)

<article id="webslides">
  <!-- Slide 1 -->
    <h1>Design for trust</h1>
  <!-- Slide 2 -->
  <section class="bg-primary">
    <div class="wrap">
      <h2>.wrap = container (width: 90%)</h2>

WebSlides was made to inspire people.

There are excellent presentation tools out there. WebSlides is an open source solution for telling stories. Hypertext and beauty as narrative elements.

  • Keyboard navigation

    with arrow keys.
  • Go to a specific slide

    URL: #slide=number
  • Slide counter

    Current/Total number.
  • 100% customizable

    Well documented.
  • 40+ Beautiful Components

    Covers, cards, quotes...
  • Flexible blocks

    with auto-fill and equal height.
  • Vertical rhythm

    Use multiples of 8.
  • Fade transition

    to all slides.
  • 500+ SVG Icons

    Font Awesome Kit.


Making a beautiful HTML presentation has never been so rewarding.

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